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Kyle and Associates combines its International network and in depth local knowledge to provide the best talents you are looking for.

The following is an overview of our Strategic Search Process:

  • Before starting the search, we meet with you to understand your exact requirements of the assignment.
  • Once we have a thorough understanding of your business objectives, structure, operations and management style, we will recommend a customized solution.
  • We design the appropriate process, including a timetable, to ensure that your needs are met within the schedule, and achieve the desired result.
  • After Search Strategy agreement, we will prepare a detail Description Position for your approval.
  • The recruitment process may involve sourcing candidates through a talent database, direct sourcing as well as internal referrals.
  • Next, we conduct in-depth preliminary interviews with the identified candidates. This requires maturity, judgment and experience of our consultants, which is crucial in this selection process.
  • In addition to phone calls and interviews, we also conduct Personality Assessment on candidates to confirm our judgment.
  • Shortlist Reports of potential candidates will then be presented to you for consideration.
  • Once the candidate is selected, the consultant helps with the negotiation of the remuneration package and terms of the offer.

Depending on the client’s needs, the time involved in search may vary. When presenting the assignment, Kyle and Associates will provide a detailed timetable, from the initial research to appointment.

We take great care to respect the confidentiality of all sensitive information provided by both the client and the candidate. We will agree in advance how much of this information may be disclosed during the assignment.

We will also conduct all references checks and verification of qualifications.